About the Lab

Our Lab is a place for you to pre-order our new designs. You can save more and reserve your color and size. What's more, you help to bring our new design to life and create zero waste cycle, so we could return the savings for you.

The Lab is our place for new designs pre-orders.

Our design team design new products and list them in our Lab for pre-order.  Then you have 4-weeks to pre-order the new products.  Products that reach the target quantities will be manufactured and delivered.

You are the DNA of our brand.  We make new designs with all your suggestions and feedback.  By participating in our Lab, you help to bring our new designs to life.  Without inventory piling up in a warehouse, we save cost efficiently and we could pass the saving back to you.  Also, you can guarantee to get your color and size.

It usually lasts 4 weeks.

Estimated shipping date will be stated on each Lab product listing.  Usually it takes around 8 weeks for the production process.  We will keep you updated for the status once the manufacturing starts.

We will charge your card upon checkout.

If a product does not reach the goal, we will get you in touch immediately and let you know if we decide to go ahead and proceed the production or make a full refund for you.

Yes for sure!  Yet, if you pre-order from our Lab, you can enjoy our early savings and reserve your color and size.  You have more savings because you help us to minimize the inventory cost and increase our efficiency.  Very appreciated for you to support our Lab.